Back to Basics

“Where are we going?” Now we emerged, out from under the curtain of the dark side of the moon and MG was dragging me briskly along. “We’re gonna find you a ride back home,” She called out over her shoulder, “How good are you on physics?” “Uh, I’m studying to be an engineer so…” “That’ll have to do.” We hustled along until we happened upon a parcel of flat ground, bordered by a few medium to large moon-rocks. MG situated me in the middle of the clearing and took a few paces back to… Read More

Single Bond

For an hour we walked, searching the barren Moon’s surface for signs of these elusive lunar bears. Honestly, I never really expected to find one, but apparently that was the problem. Well, according to the Woman on the Moon that was the problem anyway. “We’ve been at this for an hour, what’s the point?” She turned to me and frowned, “Simmer down now, we still have plenty of Moon to cover.” I sighed audibly, and shook my head. We still had to drag the weight around, which made walking more awkward and… Read More

Anion and Cation

After Earth-gazing for awhile, the pair of us went for a walk around the Moon. Well, it was less of a walk for me than it was for her: I had to drag a stupidly heavy metal ball behind me while the Moon-Woman bounced around in an offensively carefree manner. She offered to help, sure, but I wasn’t about to let someone else shoulder my load. “So how did you end up with this thing in the first place?” She asked while we climbed up the side of a crater. “Your guess—is… Read More


Before I landed on the Moon, I’d been in my room. Before that, I’d been downstairs with friends. On the kitchen table, unnoticed, a phone buzzed. “David, what’s the capital of Indiana?” “Uh—” “Fuck off, Thomas,” Henry interjected, just as David was answering: “Baton Rouge?” I laughed, and Henry shook his head. “Was that not right? What?” “No, no, don’t worry about it,” I said. “He’s been doing it all night,” Mark said from across the room. His face was bleached by the glare of his phone screen. “He’s been doing what… Read More

Lone Pair

I started. Scrambling to my feet, I stood opposite the source of the voice: a woman poised not ten feet away. The ball was resting behind my leg, somewhat hidden from view. Not that it matters, of course; that’s just how I happened to be standing. “Who are you?” “Uh, nobody,” she responded, in a dramatically casual way. There was a shrug, a short puff, an eye roll.. I waited a moment to see if she would elaborate or leave it at that. As it so happened, she left it at that…. Read More

Hydrogen +

Thomas’ reflections on the nature of time lead him to an unexpected discovery.


The clutter from my desk had disappeared. The room itself had disappeared as well—replaced entirely by darkness. An abyss. When my vision returned, I saw my pens and paper drifting away into the void. They floated on and on, across an unfamiliar black sky. It had taken the smallest increment of time—immeasurable by any one of my senses. When the books, papers, and pencils had left the table, the whole room had dissipated instantaneously. It had shifted from solid to gas—the walls carried off like cattail seeds on a breeze, and where there… Read More

Strain the Bond

It began with the big bang that never came. Before that only anger and frustration. Together, like flint against steel, they ignited many smaller explosions: The smashing of a door against its frame, a frightening sound that harmonized with knuckles cracking against a wall. There were many tiny collisions between particles as sound waves passed through them. Those particles carried questions and accusations, addressed to a girl who was too far away to hear their message. All the same, they carried cursed words, from pursed lips; words which shook the atoms that held the roof… Read More

Human Chemistry

*Scratch, scratch, scratch* went the impossible pen. This story ends improbably. The life lead prior was a series of paradoxes and everything in between made about as much sense as the bookends. I was 240,000 miles from home on a great white rock hurtling through space, writing a letter to a woman who was famous for being a man and who’d just finished building me a rocket ship out of life lessons and moon rocks. “We can’t choose the ones we love,” I wrote, “but we often make the wrong choice.” and… Read More