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Shore Bound Gramophone

(A farewell to Memory Lane) There is no degree of sorrow that can completely overshadow the beauty of the stars. When I awoke that night, I was still laying on the pavement in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Memory Lane was just as it… Continue Reading “Shore Bound Gramophone”


You can’t be serious. NO. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN. I was back. Back on Memory Lane. The door that I’d just come from was the front door of (hell) Mailman’s house. I screamed. GODDAMMIT                    … Continue Reading “Mail”


I walked down a flight of stairs onto a dry, sandy cliffside. The hospital was nowhere to be seen. Behind me was the set of stairs with a hollow doorframe at the top. Across from me, at the edge of the cliff was a… Continue Reading “Divergence”


I turned around and there he was. A Young Man now. Lying in a hospital bed. “No…” I breathed, walking around the perimeter of the bed, making sure that it really was him. The room was surrounded by pastel walls and held up by… Continue Reading “Regret”


As we walked through the tunnel, I started to notice little lights along the wall (snakes, they’re winding and twisting (hissssss), weaving and turning (hisssssss).) I wondered at what they might be (They’re coming for me (hisssssss). I can hear them). The (impossible) Child… Continue Reading “Youth”

Breaking the Loop

There was a bump. Barely audible, but even that was a treat to the ears. I froze in my seat, cutting myself off in the middle of telling Mailman about the neighborhood. Then came the most desirable of all sounds: A Voice. “Help.” That… Continue Reading “Breaking the Loop”


Today is a special day here on Memory Lane. Today is the day that a new neighbor moves in. Words can’t express my joy. I packed a gift basket of my favorite things to give to the newcomer: my favorite empty lighter, my favorite… Continue Reading “Sanity”


The night before I moved to Memory Lane I was at a party. It was my friend’s party, but I only spoke to him twice that night. The first time he wanted to tell me that I was going to be okay. He told me… Continue Reading “Party”


David receives a visitor on Memory Lane.


David remembers a funeral.