Chapter 6

It was immediately apparent that Ms. Smith and I would not get along well. Firstly, she was the type to wear sunglasses indoors, and not because she was hungover. That would imply she had at least a modest penchant for fun, and Ms. Smith was clearly not fun. Furthermore, when I tried to speak directly at her, I found myself looking back into my own nervous eyes. Like her furniture, her manner was uncomfortable and unnatural. Not to mention, she spoke to me as she would a child, reprimanding me with her… Read More

III : An ominous voice.

Henry, Oh Henry… Frantically, I whipped my head from side to side. Where was the voice coming from? Completely submerged, I’d drifted down into the depths of the quarry, where this deep, resonating voice confronted me. It was omnipresent, vibrating the water all around me with its throbbing bass, my ears ringing as I listened, Day by day, the end nears  So please, do keep in mind You’ll have to come to terms You’re the last of your kind. No matter where you run No matter what you try Give in, and change your ways… Read More

I : A foreboding note.

It began with a poem, that looked like a note, left on my bed by a person unknown: Heed this warning, woodland wand’re While quick to Spring You’re soon to Fall. Leaves that change for Winter’s shadow, Will sing this song, My Summer’s son: Rise not and set On season’s close Henry the great Adventurer I read the note and turned the piece of parchment over in my palm. This was some true blue, old-fashioned parchment, I kid you not: it was wrinkled, worn, and every bit as weathered as you’d imagine… Read More