Forest fires, hissing snakes and giant snails plague the imagination of this tormented protagonist. A surrealist portrait of isolation and its effects on the mind, A Trip Down Memory Lane chronicles the recovery of a young man, the second Escapist, after the death of a close friend.

The first Escapist, Thomas, takes a forced vacation from reality to confront his inner demons in a most unusual locale: the moon. 

After we colored in the last blank spaces on the map, what became of our Lewis and Clark types? Our trailblazers? For Henry, the third Escapist, the end of high school harkened the end of an era of carefree exploration. Now he must choose between the life society has set up for him or getting Lost in the Woods.  Start the adventure here.

Globs the Cannibal

Written by Zachary D. Turner and illustrated by Charles J. MacDonald Globs was a cannibal. He ate other people. Globs lived with a collective of other cannibals, which really shouldn’t have been a sustainable living situation, but I digress. Globs wanted to expand his palette. Snobs, the cannibalette, suggested Tender: an app that pairs you with yummy meat-trolleys you can interview prior to eating. Globs met Lori on Tender. Lori was a meat-trolley dressed up in a pretty painted skin-jacket. She had looked good on the digital display case. Globs introduced himself. One… Read More