Month: January 2017


(a.k.a. Why you should give a shit) A man sits on a couch. He’s black, like a lot of other people in the U.S. He hasn’t got a lot of money—like a lot of other people in the U.S. He’s sitting on the couch… Continue Reading “KW.3.INTRIGUE”

Back to Basics

“Where are we going?” Now we emerged, out from under the curtain of the dark side of the moon and MG was dragging me briskly along. “We’re gonna find you a ride back home,” She called out over her shoulder, “How good are you on… Continue Reading “Back to Basics”


“Where are we going?” Now we’d emerged, out from under the black veil and MG was dragging me briskly along. “We’re gonna find you a ride back home,” she called back over her shoulder, “How good are you on physics?” “Uh, I’m studying to be… Continue Reading “Buffer”

Single Bond

For an hour we walked, searching the barren Moon’s surface for signs of these elusive lunar bears. Honestly, I never really expected to find one, but apparently that was the problem. Well, according to the Woman on the Moon that was the problem anyway.… Continue Reading “Single Bond”

Anion and Cation

After Earth-gazing for awhile, the pair of us went for a walk around the Moon. Well, it was less of a walk for me than it was for her: I had to drag a stupidly heavy metal ball behind me while the Moon-Woman bounced… Continue Reading “Anion and Cation”


Before I landed on the Moon, I’d been in my room. Before that, I’d been downstairs with friends. On the kitchen table, unnoticed, a phone buzzed. “David, what’s the capital of Indiana?” “Uh—” “Fuck off, Thomas,” Henry interjected, just as David was answering: “Baton… Continue Reading “Reactants”

Lone Pair

I started. Scrambling to my feet, I stood opposite the source of the voice: a woman poised not ten feet away. The ball was resting behind my leg, somewhat hidden from view. Not that it matters, of course; that’s just how I happened to… Continue Reading “Lone Pair”

Shore Bound Gramophone

(A farewell to Memory Lane) There is no degree of sorrow that can completely overshadow the beauty of the stars. When I awoke that night, I was still laying on the pavement in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Memory Lane was just as it… Continue Reading “Shore Bound Gramophone”


You can’t be serious. NO. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN. I was back. Back on Memory Lane. The door that I’d just come from was the front door of (hell) Mailman’s house. I screamed. GODDAMMIT                    … Continue Reading “Mail”


I walked down a flight of stairs onto a dry, sandy cliffside. The hospital was nowhere to be seen. Behind me was the set of stairs with a hollow doorframe at the top. Across from me, at the edge of the cliff was a… Continue Reading “Divergence”