The Introduction of Kill The Writer as read by Snoop Dogg [Voice Offstage] : James Dean, give us an introduction, why dontcha? Jim? Jimbo? Where’s Jimbo? Then we’ll just turn the mike over to our friend Monsieur de la Cruz from the Moulin Rouge! What do you have for us, Monty? [Cruz] : Thanks Marshall, what I’ve got here are the first sea soaked pages of The Writer’s book Kill The Writer! Here to read the first chapter of the book is Mr. D-O Double G himself—Snoop Doggy Dogg! Introduction I was born 1994…. Read More


First Scene for Kill The Writer

Chapter 3

An interpretive dance, a montage, and Mark moves in to a new home.

Chapter 2

Mark talks to the therapist.

White Plastic Mask

A story written by someone who never wanted to tell it.