Month: January 2016


David receives a visitor on Memory Lane.

Hydrogen +

Thomas’ reflections on the nature of time lead him to an unexpected discovery.


David remembers a funeral.


The clutter from my desk had disappeared. The room itself had disappeared as well—replaced entirely by darkness. An abyss. When my vision returned, I saw my pens and paper drifting away into the void. They floated on and on, across an unfamiliar black sky. It… Continue Reading “Dissociation”

Strain the Bond

It began with the big bang that never came. Before that only anger and frustration. Together, like flint against steel, they ignited many smaller explosions: The smashing of a door against its frame, a frightening sound that harmonized with knuckles cracking against a wall. There were… Continue Reading “Strain the Bond”


I’ve lost a friend, and now I’m stuck on Memory Lane. I’ve lived here for seven years now. Or at least, it feels like seven years. Time doesn’t always work on Memory Lane, and it’s pretty lonely here, so I have no one to ask for it.… Continue Reading “One”

I : A foreboding note.

It began with a poem, that looked like a note, left on my bed by a person unknown: Heed this warning, woodland wand’re While quick to Spring You’re soon to Fall. Leaves that change for Winter’s shadow, Will sing this song, My Summer’s son:… Continue Reading “I : A foreboding note.”

Human Chemistry

Header image for Sun Shines Bright, featuring a a person looking at it from the moon.

Sun Shines Bright (Behind an Eclipse of the Sun)

Story Tags

Story tags explained: Sun Shines Bright Behind an Eclipse of the Mind (SB) A Trip Down Memory Lane (ML) Lost in the Woods (LW)

Chapter 1

The short story game is heating up. gives me a space to post travel logs and other less fictional writing, but hopefully here on AmericanFables I’ll be able crank out the chapters in a more ordered and timely fashion.